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Love songs and youthful numbers – Sissy Elangbam


(Today we bring you a young singer whose mesmerising numbers like urru urru and nujagi nappada chilliiba rockedyou thought and make your day a happening one.

She is none other than Sissy Elangbam from Elang Leikai, Keishamthong Assembly Constituency, Imphal West.)

 “I learn music from Shri Shri Bal Mukuldev Music college, Laimayum Devendrajit (Khayalists), Soibam Ibotombi (Classical singer), Kshetrimayum Ibetombi, Asem Bimola , Nilabati ’’ says Sissy.

During my childhood days I use to dance a lot and achieve in few competitions. That time, I was in School studying class 2 and class 6, she continued.

I switched on to singing influence by my family, when I attend class 10. My dad (Elangbam Netrajit ) was a prominent singer,  my brothers are musicians. My family supported me when I was learning music. By 2009, I started singing.

My favourite Manipuri singer is Sanaton.

My job as a teacher in government high school is one reason why I cannot continue to sing in different concerts from time to time.

For my recordings, I go to Studios like Music Vella at Lamboi Khongnangkhong, Jiten Naorem Studio, Hamom Recording Studio.

My playback songs for Pee Thadoi film was recorded at MS studio.

Nuja gi nappada  chilliba is my first recorded album in March 2010.

My Playback songs in Pee Thadoi are – wameigum chakliba, ekaibana nungpan oirae.

From Colour Art, Production I have two album namely Urru Urru and Nujagi Nappada Chilliba.

Other music albums are Thawan miichak, ningsinlaroi, ngaikhini, momon minok, etc.

Hotspot singing place

BOAT is a nice place for a concert and most of the concerts are well organize there. It all depends on crowd synchronisation, any open air is good for a concert to me, and if the audience is in mood the best things come out from me.

Zodiac sign – Taurus

Message to the Youth – Don’t spend time. Cherish big dream. If you have a dream it will deviate you from drug, dream should be in first hand.

Black market in DVD is a curse for the singer, all our investment are barred from returns, it is for passion a singer records and when we attend fame and people started inviting us we earn. But for those who cannot it is a big lost.

I feel happy that I could inspire children especially when I heard them humming my song.

On Social cause – as a team member of colour art production we motivate juniors in grooming and guide their interest. We guide the juniors the way they want.

Colour art production team is leaded by four elders Gurumayum Bonny Sharma– eminent actor, Tommy Hodam – Cinematographer, Boy Malangba – Music Composer, Tamphasana Meitei – Art Director.

As a singer, I assist them. We are trying to work for a social cause though it is in the early stage.

Most of my lyrics are written by Boy Malangba. Urru Urru is my own compose.


We wear casual as we are modern song singer. Traditional dress we often do.

I have not organized ‘Live on Stage till now. I plan to one day perhaps this year.

Theme of my song

Love song and youth based, some are patriotic, and some of them are for children.

A song ‘to the mother specially dedicated to mother is ready to release.

Music Industry.

When we compare to other develop State there is no music industry as of now in Manipur. It is the musicians’ artists struggle to get fame and recognition. We want an institute and industry. There are talented people they got lost unguided in the way. We need to groom them.

Market – I wish it goes global.

Artists have lesser revenue even if they have fame. Record charges and live on stage revenue are the source on revenue. There is no other revenue, we want to sale the product outside the State and do big business and dominate the market.

Contrary the outside market is invading our State in music world.


I studied in TG School (class 9 to 12), College (B Sc. in GP College), University (M Sc. in Punjab University, Chandigarh), B Ed (Rk Sanatombi ), M Phil. (Tamil Nadu based open University).

 I want to continue my Research Work but could not continue luckily in 2011, I got selected for Arts Graduate Teacher in RMSA. I teach in Wabagai Tera Urak High School.


Music to me is part of life. My genre is fusion of Classical and Western.

I feel like singing till the end.

My Family supported me in my singing career but when I grow up my music composer Boy Malangba inspired me and with people’s support, I came up with Nujagi Nappada – my opening number

Mukherjit Elangbam my eldest brother is a drummer and is my first inspiration. I learn western music from him. As a lady vocalist, I use to sing in rock band like Zero 3, 5 Zenith, Red Devils as Guest Vocalists.

Those days we learn to sing from audio listen.

I use to listen a lot :-

Roxitte  –  ‘ it must have been love.’ Sleeping in my car,

Petty smith – love just ain’t enough.

Shania Twain – almost all cover up songs.

Most of my original numbers are remixing of Classical and Western. The synchronization is a new trend.

Happy moment

When my music composer alerted me from Liverpool that members of European Manipuri Association appreciated my song and found that they were a great fan of mine. I realise my song has reached the nooks and corner of the world through our Manipuri citizen. However I do not distinguish among my fans geographically and with all the supports from my audience am here pitching my voice working hard for the finest song.


Photo Credit : Courtesy and Consent of Sissy Elangbam

Love Life

I am in 6 years relation with a man. He is very much interested in music. He got trained for Merchant Navy. He is a music composer by hobby and lyricists. He supported me as an artist and helps me to my centre stage.

He is my childhood friend. He reminded and inspired me to bring out my childhood talent in singing after almost a decade. Luckily the best thing came out and i appreciate my audience for liking my songs. I am glad that I am able to come up with some distinguished album.

Motherly support

My mother supported and encouraged me. She will do all the household chores and gave me time to pursue my singing classes.


In school most of my friends are brilliant. Through their support and timely advice I am able to pursue my education and got the zeal of excellence in academic and I thank them for the same.


I like feedback. When I get good feedback, I feel happy and on any mistake it is a big learning for me. After I got two side comments of good and bad I am able to work properly.

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