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The Scheduled Tribe of Manipur : Chothe Tribe

  • The Chothe is a small tribe having close proximity with small group of tribes found in the peripheral regions of the Manipur Valley. They are found in the districts of Chandel and Bishnupur.
  • The Chothes are the tribe who desire Naga affiliation, despite of the fact that they speak a Kuki-Chin dialect.
  • According to the Census of 2001, the population of Chothe tribe is 2675 as comapared to 2507 individuals in 1981.
  • They are the cave-origin believers. The cave was known as Huipithorang. By the command of God, a wild buffalo, by its horns opened the flat rock at the mouth of the cave and the Chothe men and women were able to come out. Though the exact cave site is unknown, among the Chothes, it is known as Lingleh Waishu.
  • The Chothes live in houses Seengai made of wood, bamboos and thatch. They construct their houses on the rectangular plinth. Their main occupations are cultivation, livestock rearing, blacksmith and weaving.
  • The pre-Christian Chothe men and women tied their hair in bundles on the backside. They use cotton dresses and decorative items as necklace, earrings and bangles made of iron, copper and natural metals. They also adorn their heads with Aichang by males and Leikui by females.


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