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Presentation Material of Mutua Bahadur during “Building with Bamboo” Workshop


Presentation material by Mutua Bahadur during the Training Workshop on “Building with Bamboo” Conference Hall of Forest Department, Sanjenthong, Imphal dated 26th. June 2013. Workshop was being organised by Manipur State Bamboo Mission, South Asia

Bamboo Foundation, Forest Department and sponsored by Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), New Delhi.

Picture 2 & 3 – Meetei maibi is performing the dance form depicting the evolution of house form. These are the myth of the house creation being depicted by the maibis.

Picture 6 – a typical nupi yumjao, this house bring prospertity and fortune and also less death in the family.

Picture 7 – the floor plan of the meitei yumjao

Picture 9 – exploded view of the house and its different members, column, joinery details, roofing and walling system.

Picture 10 – the details of the mangol portion having ‘athol arang’ in the bamboo

Picture 11 – the details of the roof structure of the structural member before covering.

Picture 14 – the bamboo roof using bamboo half section,

Picture 15 – the walling using bamboo and mud, basically known as leirang taba

Picture 16 – the kai design using sliver ‘peiya’ and decoritive motifs such as birds and others..

Picture-17 – the verandah or mangol portion and it is known as ‘athol arang’,



Mutua Bahadur  is the author of the recently published book titled ‘Art of Bamboo’ which was released by Okram Ibobi Chief Minister of Manipur at Hotel Sedona, Mandalay, Myanmar on 30th May 2013. Earlier Mutua Bahadur has written books like  i)  The art of Textiles, ii)  Traditional Textiles of Manipur, iii) Tribal Hand Woven fabrics of Manipur, iv) Cane and bamboo crafts of Manipur, v) Potteries of Manipur and many others.

This material is kindly shared by Sukumar Haobam with the consent from Mutua Bahadur.

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