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MAASI- A Promising Centre for Tourist Attraction and Adventure Training in Imphal


Manipur Adventure and Allied Sports Institute (MAASI) which is now 32 years old, emerged in 1981 as a state level adventure institute to cope with the desired activities of the adolescent youths towards constructive and sports activities in particular and also to instil and develop a sense of adventure tourism in the mind of sports loving persons and public in general in this region under registration No 4462/1983 of the Societies Registration Act of 1860.

In fact, Manipur emerged in the mountaineering scene of India in 1984 when MAASI scaled the C.B-10 (Tarapahar) Mt. Chandrabala, 6200 meters and further followed by other expeditions in the Himalayas – Gangotri-III Expedition in 1985, Gurumuk Trek Expedition in 1986, Mt. Everest Trek Expedition in 1987.

Moreover, MAASI has conducted a number of expeditions throughout Manipur state including Leimaton area waterfall, the Imphal river course, the Barak river course and Chingnunghut etc.

Secretary of MAASI, Sinam Deva Meetei shares the journey of MAASI.

Nearest Tourist Spot from Imphal

MAASI tourist spot is located at Keirao Awaching hill range on the eastern bank of Iril River. It is the nearest tourist spot from Imphal as it is located just 7 km away from the capital city.  MAASI tourist spot touches state highways linking Imphal with Yairipok, Andro, Kaina etc. The institute is managed on a PPP model. A governing body of about 70 members led by Ksh Janma Singh, Retd Addl SP, President  of MAASI  looks after the day to day functioning of the institute.

MAASI is affiliated to National Adventure Foundation, New Delhi and recognised by the Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of Manipur as state institute of adventure.  So far more than 6000 men have been given various courses on adventure.

MAASI and Adventure Sports

“For MAASI, life is an adventure. Man needs preparatory training to meet the inevitable ups and downs of life. MAASI’s training programmes, therefore, are not restricted to physical adventure activities only but extend to mental and moral preparedness to fight against problematic situations in one’s individual and social lives. Apart from its training programmes for youths in adventure, many camps aimed at infusing the sense of self employment in environmental protection, in avoidance of drugs and alcohol, in expanding social welfare activities, in social and cultural co-operation etc. are included in MAASI’s regular activities. Programmes on trekking, rock climbing, rafting, jungle safari, cross country race, obstacles etc. are arranged for boys and girls to provide the youths ample chances for display of hidden inert qualities in them”, he said.

Who can visit MAASI ?

Students of schools, colleges, universities may visit MAASI tourist spot ecological park as study tour, comparing, adventure sports and trekking. Government departments, NGOs and employees and journalists may visit the spot as a departmental tour, meeting and group discussion. Film shooting for film related activities, seminars, workshops, picnic are also permitted here after taking prior information.

Facilities Available

Some of the facilities available at MAASI are boarding and lodging, dining and conference hall (250 capacity), kitchen, rest house, water supply, electricity, MAASI Shiva temple, Panthoibi temple, Nungdum Manaobi Khubam.

Government Assistance

Under the funding of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, all preparations have been taken up recently to upgrade the present MAASI complex to the status of an integrated tourist destination. For this, a detailed project report of Rs5.16 crore have been submitted to the ministry. Manipur Development Society will be the work agency for the project, secretary Deva told Manipur Times.

Under this project, there will be facilities such as one information centre, cafeteria, rainwater harvesting, rain shelter, vehicle parking, compound fencing, drainage, toilet, pathway, amusement park, site development landscape, sitting benches and solid waste management units will be newly constructed under the project.

State Government Recognition

In recognition to the activities of MAASI, Government of Manipur has recognised the institute as a State Institute of Adventure with effect from 24-10-1991.

To promote, encourage, and execute schemes to attract the younger generation in adventure activities which can help them in facing different challenges and obstacles both artificial and natural in rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, forests, deserts, sky, ghats and wilderness and so on are the objectives behind establishment of MAASI. It also gives training to youths on facing disaster situations.

In fact, it was an MAASI rescue team of 12 members that reached first at the plane crash site of Thangjing hill that took place on 16 August, 1991 wherein former Deputy CM of Manipur, Irengbam Tompok died. The MAASI volunteers did commendable assistance and arranged relief camps during flood occurred at Longa Koireng village. A rescue team of MAASI was sent to Bangladesh to help cyclone affected victims, Deva recalled.

Courses at MAASI

MAASI conducts adventure courses regularly at its camp site complex- Basic Adventure course (21 days with 40 vacancies), Advance Adventure course (21 days with 30 vacancies). In addition, Expeditions, Trekking within and outside Manipur, Short period camps, Allied sports (Hiyang Tannaba, Martial Arts) are also conducted.

In recognition to the performance of MAASI, Government of Manipur has given the awards and incentives to MAASI –

1.         District Youth Award 1986-87

2.         Granted Rs7,00000 for construction of  dining cum conference hall by the Youth Affairs and Sports Department, Government of Manipur.

3.         Construction of one tourist base camp at MAASI complex with the financial assistance from Tourism Department.

4.         Youth Affairs and Sports Department and Tourism Department have been providing mountaineering and tourism equipment from time to time to MAASI for use by the trainees and campers.


5.         Under its civic action programme, 9 Sector Assam Rifles, Keithelmanbi constructed a tourist shelter in 2008.

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