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North East Riders Meet a harbinger of Adventure tourism in the region – II


Royal Riders Manipur, RERAM, Bulls of Assam, Nagaland Motor Cycle Club, Indi Thumpers, 60 KPH Mumbai, Madras Bulls, Royal Riders, Churachandpur, Senapati Bulls, and other clubs reach a day earlier while some others reached the day when the camp started or on the second day. Accommodation was done in hostels and hotels in Aizawl.

Riders meet another rider during the stoppage day and night. Many have met in earlier riders meet and they have become good friends. Hugs, thumps and celebration of the get together even when one is really tired took the pain away and there was this broad smile in everyone’s face.

“I put up at the other end of the hostel. This is our stay”. There was an order of booking the room when a club hold up in different wings of the hostel accommodation. Riders started inviting one another in their room and there was a perfect time where heart felt words are exchanged. Words after words, a visitor to two and three and a lets go to our dormitory. Well the night was in full swing with a tasty dinner.

Cleaning, washing and drying in the Sun. Yet checking the Vehicle, a drive out in the town are some schedules the boys had in the following day. After a good rest from the day, Aizawl Thunder the host team alerted every one of the event place and the ride there next day. 130 Kilometers to Zotlang of Champai. The weather was like misty, mild fogs, drizzle. The road was a bit narrow in some places. Every miles of ride was a new sight to a rider, the beautiful landscape and the altitude thrill.

Mizoram is often called as land of hill dwellers, most of the houses are built on hill tops. There are places where you halted to take a view of the majestic terrain in open sky where clouds hover the blue mountain as the sun beam stretches out to distant view. Carried away sensation, lost at the sight feel, curiosity quenched moment. Discovering mind halted with a thought of “it was something”.

There was no sign of deforestation along the stretch of hills the forest was bounty, it adds up to refreshing green. As you turn the corner, you find enthusiastic youth cheering the riders with waving hands and encouraging words. Warm thoughts chip in from the hospitable people of Mizoram as they greet us in certain corners. From the machine, the road and riding company our mind had an extensive exploration. Most lovely the tiny hands of the playful children waving us with their innocent looks.

Buzzing around like the hive of bees in the fast food centres at Sheling a small town on the way to Champai where everyone had their lunch. Little bit of rain and the warm food was lovely. The service was indeed good to the hungry riders.  

The sun has already set when we reached Zotland. The thrill ride with hundreds of rider on road was just amazing. A club in a line followed by another club in an organised ride distinguished by the print on the jacket carrying their club names. The turn at the corner, the swiftness, the side view along the road and magic moment when we reach the venue was overwhelming. We make it sensation in the adventure mode was another wave of thought followed by sequence of events and enjoyment in the unfolding days.

A night with airtight sleeping beds in a tent under the beautiful open sky only to wake up to bamboo built yellow banks and steadily flowing water taps to make way for human excretion. Light feelings and a breakfast centre with warm tea and edibles. Energy regained, muscles relaxed the wet bird is dried and wings stretched out in the Sun.

The night scene make way to broad daylight view of the beautiful camps. A small civilizational set up with like-minded people. Camp visits, music, curious mind of what is happening, a see around of the stall being put up with printed calendars specially design for Enfield riders. Travel belt bags, designer cover for Enfield oil tanks, beverage, branded liquors and local rice beer, indigenous items, edibles were some of the stall items.

A nightingale voiced lady makes the announcement guiding the delegates on the upcoming events including meal when it is ready. A dancing space with music all the time at the centre stage with riders gathering to make some movements in the tune. A change in the song, an invitation to join the dance. The cheer from fellow rider when affine turn is made. The music decides the dance and celebration was in the air. Ba Fang from RERAM make it to the most happening guy. Keddy Salvadore a heavy metal head swing with his long hair from Aizawl Thunder. There is this sweet lady rider Rosylnn from Aizawl Thunder who gear up the dance with her moves. Murfi from Royal Rider make some fine move on stage with singing mode attired in a bizarre woollen hanging. Rinni the host announcer did make some fine moves in between. Circle around with a good crowd to cheer up the dancing green floor went well even when in rain day and night.

A punch from a heavy guy and a tumble down the slope in a fight from a small argument adds up to another smile and laughter during the camp. It was not known if they are riders or the volunteers but they are local. There was this guy with some unusual dance. The singing floor was open with musical instruments and the entertaining minds make way.

Some drives up to the hill top on their bikes and drive down in the steep slope. Tomba (Kumar) from Royal Rider Manipur who is also a good mechanic does it with swift ride. The joy he had in the mountain ride is like “just see I am driving up and driving down the unpaved grass in that steep slope” and when he makes it, “I did that in Zotlang hill” was his compliment and joy. In fact joy ride up the hill in the paved road is one venture of the camp. The trek up the hill to a beautiful view of the paddy and the house dwelling at the other hilltop was a good sight. From atop the hill one can have an overview of the total camp set up by around 300 bullet riders coming from different States for a family like gathering. ‘When we meet we grow ‘the theme of North East Riders Meet stands true to the best with love and compassion among riders. The bond of knowing one another, the companion zeal, the macho sensation, the good time together is really worth refreshing to ones way of life. The thought that we are growing and we will be meeting over the time in the next meet is just as happy and in fact Royal Enfield Riders stands unique with many riders meet like the Riders Mania which is for the whole nation and BOB MC riders meet at the international meet. To this NERM is just as happy and annual event of riders to an adventure filled days.


To be continued…

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