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Sacred Heart Hr Sec.School Student unveiled “Two-in-One Honey Squeezing” machine.


In what could be termed as good news for honey makers, a young student has discovered a machine which can extract large quantity of honey that contains no impurities by using muscular power. Besides, it has even the provision for generating electricity if a generator (D.C) is connected to the system and can be used as a source of light for working in dark.

Sonia Thounaojam, a class 10 student of Sacred Heart School, Porompat in Imphal East district is the creator of this robust machine.

This machine might prove to be useful one as there are nearly 10,000 bee-keepers in Manipur. Normally in the State honey is extracted from honey comb by squeezing or by rotating manually. This type of method could not extract all the honey from the honey comb. Instead it loses muscular power, contains impurities and is also a time consuming work. The discovered squeezing machine would overcome such kind of difficulties face by bee-keepers. 

In recognition of her invention, the invented machine has already showcased at exhibition held at Kolkata recently. The structure and working of the machine was also included at 39th Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for Children held at Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli on December 1-7 organised under the aegis of National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). For the exhibition, her model was included after selecting from state wise. From Manipur, 6 models get nod to participate out of total 15 models in the exhibition which was held at national level. Accordingly, from the exhibition 20 contenders would participate at Indian Science Congress.

Enthralled by the discovery, Manipur times had a chit-chat with the young dynamic student. She stated that the “Two-in-One Honey Squeezing” machine was discovered under the guidance of Angom Geetarani, a teacher of Sacred Heart School and added that it was specially designed to provide assistance to bee-keepers of the State so that they can accelerate the business of honey extraction.

“Normally bee-keepers used to face upmost problems and take lots of time while extracting honey. Following my squeezing machine, I am hoping that the machine will provide helps in many forms to those bee-keepers. Another advantage of my machine is that one can get physical exercise by paddling the crank in both directions”, she observed. 

On being questioned to whom she want to give credit on the discovery of the machine,  she mentioned her teacher, Angom Geetarani and Sacred Heart School in particular saying that the school has been helping her and many other students in participating events like exhibition, seminar, sport,  and in other field. About further study, she said she will continue her higher secondary in the same school. Confidently, she said her aim in life is to become a doctor.

After winning many hearts by her squeezing machine, Sonia is keeping her finger cross anticipating that the machine would serve useful purposes to many bee-keepers.    

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