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Sangeeta Nameirakpam – an amateur photographer and a passionate home-cook


Sangeeta’s growing and formative years ventured across several cultures and places, following her father’s multiple job postings. Her father, now retired, served in the defence force. She received her school education from Kendriya Vidyalaya and completed post-graduation from Punjab University.

On her childhood days, Sangeeta recalls her mother being a good and an enthusiastic cook. Her mother, who has been a strong source of inspiration, would love to experiment on food and came up with various delicacies for the family, not limiting to traditional Manipuri food alone. No wonder, Sangeeta inherited a passion for cooking from her beloved mother.

Continuing this passion, Sangeeta, today, enjoys learning and experimenting various cuisines and recipes. Baking cakes, cupcakes, muffins and cookies delights her. Her husband, who is no less than a foodie himself, is her food critique.

In addition to cooking, she is also very fond of photography, particularly food photography. Complementing the culinary art is the food presentation, which she believes is one of the essence in food photography making the experience wholesome. She likes doing food art work as well. Occasionally, she finds time to do some outdoor photo shooting.

Sangeeta currently lives in Toronto area (Canada) with her husband and two sons. She is still continuing her passion and dreams of publishing her very own cook book, one day. She regularly contributes for Manipur Photography Club and Chakhum Facebook groups.

Food recipes of the following food items and more will be indexed at Manipurtimes soon.

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