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Bala Hijam – a young talented beauty of Manipur !!


“Tellanga Mamei was my first film, I was in the 7th standard. I played the role of a sister. It was my uncle Maipak who introduced me into the film world.  I have completed 5 years in film industry now” says Hijam Bala.

After Tellanga Mamei , I took part in various Stage performances. It was when I was about to appear for Matric Exam I appeared in the film “Khangdrae da Nongdamba”   by Romi Meitei. I took the role of a supporting actress in the film. Then I acted in 3 or 4 video album directed by Amar Raj narrated the young and dynamic superstar of Manipur Hijam Bala.

After two years of struggle I started taking the lead role.

Presently I am working for the film– “Tumba Chaba Khangdana” with Director Ojit Kumar Elangbam, – “Chow Chow Momo na Haobara Singju Bora na Oinambra “with Rk Jiten director of the film.

Some of the films ready to be release include “Tamoyai gi Ebecha“ by H. Pilu , “ Mounao Thoibi “ by Romi Meitei,  “Lingjel”  by Jitendra Ningombam’s,  “ Singarei gi Leinam” by Shanta Potsangbam.

Bala is just 22 years old and she has become a favorite actor recently at Mollywood and she appeared in one of the Hindi film playing the lead role. Another card is on as she will be acting with a superstar of Mollywood.    

Achievements :-

Film Academy Manipur (FAM) awarded Special Jury Award (2011 – 12),

FAM awarded Best Actress Award (2012 -13).

Choice Choice

I like challenging character and good story line for my appearance in films. Our audiences are matured and I want to act accordingly. I want to serve for long. They will get angry when I act in so many films in a quick interval of time and they will do the same when I do not act in any film. There is a lot of audience interaction in the subconscious mind and it gives me immense pleasure even to think about it.


Films :-

Some of the hit films she has acted are Yaiskul Pakhang Angaoba , Luhongbagi Ahing, Panthunggi Wangmada,Lamja Shara, Emagi Laman Singamdrae,Sangkhraba Machu, Taru Taru Maktabi, Thouri, Khambaton, Manipur Express, School Karusi.etc..

She has already signed another six films and is on the card.

So far Bala has appeared in 30 films and 8 music albums including the hit album Ho leisabi’

Her success story is soaring high as she did a lead role in Malayalam film “ Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi “  where she played the role of a Naga lady. The theme of the story is love where two lovers from different cultural background fell in love. My lover who is a muslim came to take me from Nagaland in the film. It is about to release and the team also wished that the film be screened in the North East.

Theatres in Kerala also screen Hindi films but regional movies dominate the film world opine Hijam Bala.

The Director’s treatment is fine when the film was shot. They send me script in English language through mail.  We Skype on characters and costume. When I reach the shooting site I was trained for 5 days discussing on the script, I spoke mostly in English and sometimes I speak Malayalam in the film.

Someday I also wish to become a director says Hijam Bala when Manipur Times put up an opinion question during an interview. She wishes to get some experience working as a director.



“ I do not draw inspiration from any actor or actress.

I got inspired in acting career whenever I notice anybody crying or deeply engrossed in the movie since my early days. Even when my dad critic while watching movie saying that it could have been better if the actor would have acted this way. I thought if I have acted I would have acted the way my dad wants. It was self motivation and inspiration drawn from within” says Bala.

In my childhood days when I was in the 3rd standard I dance during Yaoshang sports at our locality or nearby.  Singing and dancing seems an inborn interest to me.


Day to day work

In a month I can give schedule for three films. We have fewer actors in the industry and it is hard work for us. There might be 10 to 20 producers so we act in their films. On an average 3 to 4 films are released in a month.

It is tiresome, I gave 5 days each for a film in a month time and I act in films.

I also took a leading role in a Hindi film. The film is about adventure where 7 friends set out for trekking after college.

80 percent of the shooting take place in Manali, 20 percent in Mumbai. The director is new and the depiction of the film is about certain happenings during the trekking.

I do not grow up from an institute in films. My first credit goes to my uncle Irom Maipak who introduced me to the film world. Romi Meitei film director gave me good guideline. Gokul film actor also taught me a lot. We have acted in many films together. He taught me on expressions says Hijam Bala.

About the solo dances in many of my films, I play the entire dance choreographer dance for the films. I think I have a uniform beat.



The changing trend in Manipur film industry.

The trend is changing potential directors have come up. There is a new addition. New actor, new talent, energetic and potential artists have gear up.

Quality approach, actors’ sincerity and interest in work, mentality will push the industry to a fast growing one and improvement is sighted in the next 3 or 4 years but after 10 years Manipur film industry will be at a tip top position expects Bala Hijam who has many thing in store to tune the audience to their best choice.

Producer need to know the film and strike with ambition and bring up quality films. Some producer came with an idea as to when the film will be release which is a spoilsport. Market is less but dedication is needed opined Bala who is a passionate actor in her young age.

With hard work we will be able to bring certain changes in Manipur film.

Cinema Halls in Manipur

I wish 4 halls of MFDC standard come up in various district of Manipur. Picture quality is maintained if it is screened in a big theatre. So production work is in depth. And there will be lot of dedicated works from the film makers and the theatre gives them good learning as the best output is reflected through this standard Cineplex.



Manipur movies, if we can market in North Eastern States like Assam, Agartala, Tripura, and Myanmar where there are many Manipuri settlers the prospect will become brighter. We are watching Thailand and Korean films why cannot we market our products.

They give good picture quality sub title for storytelling and we are enjoying the films even if they speak different language..



Personal details …

B’ day – 9 June

Zodiac sign – Gemini



High School – Kanan Devi Memorial Higher Secondary School

Higher Secondary – Manipur Public School

College – Attending now.



Fav. Local food – Eromba and Ooty.

I love to spend time for an eat out. I like a new restaurant in town ‘Green Chilly at Kwakeithel near Kay Pee Studio.



Out of schedules..

I want to be very free. I love to hang out without a mask, I respond to well wishers when I met them in the market.

I listen to music and read novel beyond my film acting. It gives me a complete rest. Music can distract my mind from my busy schedules.

I visit Loktak a lot, it refreshes my mind. Many of my films were also shot there. It became my favorite hotspot in Manipur.



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