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Trekking along Dzuko Valley – III


Continuation from Part I and Part II

The morning was fresh and the mist makes us felt even more refreshing after a good sleep in our tents.  Tooth brush, soaps, towels and empty water bottle in hand as the Sun sent out its ambience ready to appear from among the misty mountain tops.

Breakfast was a boost to a day start, we still stock some porridge and milk. Loya, Suresh, Yymbi mounted on top of the Central cave for a meditation session with mats in hand. I am a new member in the team. Loya is a good meditator his stay away from home at Punshilok for five /six years have made him a good meditator. He has also attended some coaching on meditation earlier too.

Yyambi and Suresh are well practiced guys in meditation too. After a round of warming up like some flexes for a good and comfortable sit we started meditating. Well focus minds on our breath, a deep breathe in and out with our mind not scattered or distracted keeps us in full breathing mode. Well in a place like Dzuko meditation is bedazzling. Focus was easier as we are audible to our normal breathing with a little deep mind. After half an hour Yymbi guide me on keeping our mind in different part of our body as I breathe starting from our toes.

When it reaches the head after I meditated through various part of my body I felt like flying the guided moment floated me and I felt like I was hovering as I breathe in and out, felt like I was in a vacuum and my body was so light. It was so amazing and within few seconds I came to sense only to realise that it was a majestic feeling. Dzuko and guides from our tour mate help me felt the pleasure of meditation. Perhaps enlighten people stays the same came into my thought randomly.

In the middle of the valley we felt so happy and the energy within our body was so vibrant and we felt much lighter in our walks and activity. We ran to the stream and took bath. Well it might be little obscene to mention but we were so close to the nature and took a pleasant stream bath. My butts got sunlight after so many years. Back to childhood, well one of us was bathing in mud, all black. The water has no chlorine unlike tap water. There was a sensation of freshness in the running stream. The sound of a running stream is warm and rhythmic which makes the zone a happening and lively one.

Which way are we exploring North, South, East, West, well let’s hunt Lily uttered one of us and we started out. Two small green hill mount rather 15 minute walk at the right side of the Central Cave facing east opens up to a vast area of Lily covered plain area. We were amazed at the sight, it was a breath taking beauty.  An awe struck look and as we keep walking there were lilies all over. The ground gave a dotted look as the dark pinkish flower stand erect with its green stalk. There were as tall as 5 feet Lily among them and usually the Lilies are 2 to 3 feet in height. The flowers are found only in this area and is quite acclimatised to the place that it does not grow anywhere else which makes the flower very unique.  The beauty of Dzuko valley is much added by this neat and beautiful looking flower. Well the lily is scattered everywhere throughout the valley but the place where we went is exclusively a bountiful flowering of the same.  When one stand in the middle and look around the way how the lily stand tall to the nature on broad daylight is much refreshing sight, one never gets tired watching the lily.

The dropping head look and the quietness even makes the lilies beautiful as one walk through a kilometre or more sketch of Lily covered area. The gentle movement from a blowing breeze gave a moving look as the colourful lilies gave a mild sway. Some white flower plant grows among the lily in small number. Another needle stem like plants which bears a distinctive and sharp flowering at the end gave a variety of flower however small in number. Bright blue flowers also grow at the ground height as we paddle along. The colours of the flowers are quite distinctive and bright in Dzuko valley. A yellow flowering plant also grows abundantly here.

Well there is no watering of the flowers; there is rain of course, perhaps the flower thrives with the mists, rainfall and sunlight, overall the climatic condition of Dzuko Valley sums up to a mystique place.

A stream pass through these parts of the valley and the floor is rocky. Well when we cross  beyond the lily flowering area we came across thick and little tall around 4 feet tall bamboo shrubs. And as we walk pass the Rock Mountains which is very interesting to view stood before us. It seems the mountain is made up of slabs of rocked piled up one after another. The physical structure is a good site.

On our way back to the cave we carried along dry woods for our kitchen. Our trekking was never tiring as we discover something new every moment and we were quite excited about the trekking. Back to the cave the food was already prepared and we rush to our tent for our plates.  We were hungry as we walk through for quite a long time and it was already 1.30 pm when we get back to our tents. Bingo the food was awesome. The water was tasty.  We ate a bit more with second serving and it was a gorgeous intake of food. Our stomach was full now we are set for a dizzy look.it was sunny and the cave was getting hot as kitchen is set up there. Our tents are equally hot. So we try to rest under the wooden bridge across the stream behind our tents. 

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