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Models who bought laurels for the State in 2013 – II


Caroline Rajkumari – Miss Social Network, LUIT 2013. 

Caroline Rajkumari of Sagolband Bijoy Govinda Thangapat Mapal near Shree Bijoy Govinda Mandir clinched the title of Miss Social network in Miss Luit 2013. She won the love and affection from her supporters belonging to Manipur and various part of the world through social network voting as she scored the highest number of votes during the contest participated by models belonging to different parts of North East.

It was a real life changing and eye opening experience for me expressed Caroline in an online interview with Manipur Times. 

She expressed that the whole experience was full of fun and she meet lots of girls whom she make friend with and she was also happy to meet lots of people from Manipur.

Caroline is in her third year doing Honours in Political Science at Miranda House. The college has made me from a stupid kid to a hardcore feminist she continued. She likes to be termed as a realistic dreamer in the context of becoming a social worker. Wishes to save women specially children from abuses.

As soon as i complete my studies i will join politics and give the people a life they truly deserve flash in a quick type from Caroline. Ask me exact question and i will answer exactly were the first few lines of the online interviewed. 

I will rule like a true Queen from the blood of my ancestors believes Caroline.  

“Rise the desire

To find and secure the prize

For my heart and soul

for everyone young and old

I am a survivor,” 

Quoted Caroline who believes in Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. 

She feels the talent of a model and often listens to the inner call of the feat.

It seems the lady in college has lots of ideas in her mind and the boldness in her will mould her to a beautiful lady someday. Hope she does something for the society like the change we believe in banner of Obama for she has a clear vision. She wishes to learn as i am young typed Caroline. 


Anything that fits.

Kumkum SertoFirst Runner up Orange Queen.

Among 34 contestants at the Orange Queen contest 2013 she stood first runner up and won a Cash prize of Rs 75,000. It was last moment participation designer Gyanand, friends and family supported her. She wants to try for coming North East beauty contest.

In the question round I was asked “Being a women what would you choose ‘attitude or confidence’, my answer was “I choose confidence.  Why?  Because on that night if I do not have confidence I would not have participated in the event and I walk the ramp. If I do not have confidence I would not have appeared in the scene and I love the confidence which I have in me. I guess I gave a good one says Kumkum Serto in her Jolly mood in an exclusive interview with Manipur Times. 

On the screening day I went with designer Gyanand. Gyanand and Bhomechand of Gyanand Academy gave me certain tips and guided me for two days before the beauty pageant. I came to know designer Gyanand from my friend.

Kumkum held from Aimol Pallel of Chandel district. Presently she is working at Hyderabad as a cash relation executive at Green Park by Marigol, a five star hotel company. She Want to become a social worker and model. She also completed her diploma course in aviation from Jet wings Guwahati.   

She appeared for the first time on stage at Manipur in the Orange Queen contest.  At Guwahati she walked a ramp showcasing Manipuri traditional dresses representing her Aviation institute at Guwahati. 

I am trying to work in the airlines very soon. At present this is my ultimate goal added Kumkum Serto. 

On Modelling as Career    

Beauty should go hand in hand with quality education. To be model you need to be physically fit. Comparing to other States modelling option is very less. I got so many compliments in Hyderabad about our State. There is beauty and modelling needs to be groomed definitely. 

On Favourites:-     

Dress – Comfortable

Hobby – Singing and hanging out with friend I do not like to be lonely.

Fav. Picnic spot – Sendra

Food (indigenous) – Eromba


Bhomechand – Faculty and Managing Director Gyanand Beauty Academy.

Gyanand’s Beauty Academy Kangjabi Leirak is 11 months old department. We have completed our first course of three months.  58 aspiring models registered for the audition and 21 got selected after four rounds of screening. Three or four selected candidate dropped out because of personal matters. Presently we are grooming 14 candidates in our academy.

Even before the formation of academy Gyanand and his team has produced many achiever models in various beauty pageants.

Vision of the academy

We want to treat the models in Manipur as a family. A collective approach towards the growth of fashion industry through institutional means might be productive we thought and therefore the Academy came into being as a means. Personality development, communication skills, hospitality, self-esteemed enhancement are few things taught in our Academy. We invite resource person who are certified in Health sector like skin care and nutrition. Mentor from Ayush was also invited.

I came to know Media Sakia the main organiser of Miss LUIT through one of my friend Sunny. We met at Elle Deulaland when she came to Imphal and we conducted audition for Miss Luit the nest day. I was also a part of the selection committee besides coordinating the whole audition. We did the audition at our own academy and many turn up for the audition.

We have our photography department presently headed by Mayang Doren, student consultant, two junior mentor models a girl and a boy. A senior mentor Somendro by name, they actually guide the models in various matters.

Whenever our students took part in any beauty contest our staffs are always there to support until the contest come to an end.

We want people to trust our academy as we try to excel.

Mayang Doren – Faculty Photography Department.

Popularly known as Mayang Doren the fashion photographer has done shooting for almost all the celebrities of the State since the last six to seven years. The dedicated fashion photographer is heading the department of Photography at the Academy. Lin Laishram, Halley, Soma, Minerva, and the list go on for whom Mayang Doren had clicked excellent shots which actually add up to profile of the artists as the glamour scale up with the quality photos at display.

Doren opined that Time is very short in Glamour industry. New comers keep coming up and the celebrities got replaced. Expressing his satisfaction over his contribution in the industry he said that the artists have appreciated his work from time to time.

“Aspiring models came for audition to our Academy and I use to do the profile shots and give them advices. Like the ramp models are different from print models. Candidates of lesser heights are given tips like they can work for ads and other billboard models when ad agencies hire models for their brand highlight. I felt giving wrong promises was not good and I told them directly as I have been in the industry for the last ten years. We guide them to their suitably, they started realise their own. Height is very much in modelling looks is different,” he continued.

About fashion photography

Design and fashion starts from olden times. Normal candid photo should be very expressive. Impressing the viewer in fashion photography is very important. Focusing on looks, attitude and garment highlight is a much while taking a click. If there is no combination then the photo is not value. Fashion and photography is very closely related. It is different from other photography. Expression and garment looks touch is a perfect shot and we should wait and click for an exclusive look.

Skill wise we need lots of concentration as the moment has to be captured in fraction of seconds. We should click for good exposure and within the social outlook and not to tarnish the image of a model while in the profession. 

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