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Nanao – treasuring the endangered play songs in print and audio.


“Sae Sae Seboti, Sum Sum Chatlaga, Ho Ima Ho Ima, Ting Ting Chaoro, Thatha Thabungton, Tae Tae Taenawa, U Chi Chi Khangmeitat, Pipi Piyori, Urum Nungsa Leima  Thorakoh Urum Leima Changkharo (as the kid wants to take bath) etc are some of the play songs in  Nanao.


In Nanao- we are trying to revive the lost song often sung while children play in the past. Years ago these play songs were very popular. But it seems to be forgotten as we move on and we heard of them less. We often determine the development of the State with the folk lore.  

In other to correctly preserve the songs the North East Brothers come up with quality print and audio record for easy availability among the growing kids of today. The vision is to let the generation of today know the songs so that they keep in mind such things were there in the society and when they grow up they may refer other researchers’ write up on these songs for better knowledge and understanding of the folklore which was created by our ancestors and the significance of the songs, the richness of our literature and creative minds of our forefathers in the happy life they lead.

“In the beginning of our project there were some objections as to the songs are of high value and you could not just publish without understanding the subject. But we took the challenge and come up with the book and audio with the hope and idea that the product will be purely based on letting the children know about the songs in first hand. We wished Nano – title of the compilation of play songs with relevance to the folklore of the past serve the right purpose of keeping things alive and living up to the dreams of the rooted past ”, added Nelson.

 The play song which was passed on orally in the society but printed, recorded verbally for dissemination now will help connect the kids of the present to the past which is of great value and knowledge with the sense of contentment in knowing what our ancestors practice during their time. And they have left us something immortal like in other great human civilizations of the World.

“The easy availability of Rhymes from other parts of the world might be one factor of the threaten indigenous folklore. There was a lack of individuals who would take the initiative of promoting the indigenous folklore which was slowly eaten up by the invading globalization. However we have make it easily available in the nick of time “, says Nelson Elangbam of NE Brothers, publisher of Nanao which is a compilation of 13 play songs.

The publisher wishes that Nanao served as a supplement to the Rhymes kids are learning in their School. They believe that Nanao would definitely connect the learners to the native with its interesting stories and felt proud that the region has their own Rhymes for the kids to learn and sing. Perhaps it was the globalization things that have put a nearly full stop to the play songs and as the kids do not play in open field nowadays. And since the product is made available at the desk it surely is going to revive its charm in modern day relevance.

The book is marketed in Manipur and beyond the State it is made available at Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, UK, US, Singapore and Korea. It costs Rs 150 per copy. Second edition with more play songs will be released and this time it will be released in multi-language to bring for more integrity in Manipur.


We also take it very important to let people know our folk tale and folklore. It is the indication of a civilized region and represents our civilization. Let the kids learn rhyme from the West and I also want the kids learn the native rhyme in free time. We also hope that the parents too had a great time narrating the rhymes as they recollect the time when they use to sing the play song. So it is a great time for everyone says the team speaking to Manipur Times.



Project- it take time, last year Jan we start researching. At first it was a complicated thing. It has lot of meaning you can’t just do passed some comments in the beginning. We are looking forwards towards karaoke, where children and see and sing. At present we are developing karaoke style with the movement of the word on screen.  We are also making an animation on it very soon with visuals.

B Jayantakumar Sharma is the editor of Nanao. Lourembam Bedabati eminent folk singer represent the mother voice in the audio recording, 7 students of Gosae Meitei sung the kids part with the former as their mentor during recording.


We are making a trial with the rhyme in the market. Luckily people like our product and we have sketches and lyrics in the product also a cassette.


It is a big team in the North East Brothers’. We have three elders and two juniors, we are twenty people. We go collect and do scrutiny with the writer Took us around  months in completion.

Laleima, Rk book store, Rajesh book store, Suchitra book store, mega departmental store – kumar varieties and in almost all the pick and pay stores Nanao is made available.

We have video recorded the play songs for animation and make the kids play in the field as per the rhyme.

Everyone is happy parents are happy as they want their kids to learn. They just grab the copy. Feedback we do not get any negative but very praising. We will be marketing mobile apps inside and outside Manipur on Nanao.It will be subtitled in English.

As a publisher I do not want to translate into English on print as it will lose the originality. I want to keep the originality. Rewriting in English would not get the real meaning of what the song is.

We have also started Folk tales project. All folk tales will be in Nanao apps, rhymes folk tales, cartooning animation.



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