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PM not inviting Manipur CM on ILP shows Modi’s disinterest in Manipur’s people


By Ningombam Bupenda Meitei

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who invited Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka for discussions on drought and water scarcity situation (reported in NDTV news “PM Modi To Meet Chief Ministers Of 3 Drought-Hit States Today”, dated 7th May, 2016), has, so far, no time to even give an appointment for Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh to call on. What could the people of Manipur expect from such Prime Minister who has no interest to invite the Leader of the people of Manipur, who is the Chief Minister, to discuss about the implementation and issues over Manipur’s Inner Line Permit?

Whether Manipur Chief Minister is in Kolkata or Deputy Chief Minister is in Imphal, or whether BJP Manipur has met the Union Minister of State for Home, the question is – who has stopped Prime Minister Modi, who is busy in travelling around the world, to visit Imphal to meet the people of Manipur so that the Prime Minister himself realises the necessity and genuine demands of the people of Manipur, who are still being threatened by the demographic, economic, social and cultural invasions taking place in Manipur to undoubtedly destroy the world of indigenous people of Manipur?

The then Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP Narendra Modi, who said “Come May 16, Bangladeshi immigrants must pack up” in 2014 (reported in NDTV news “Come May 16, Bangladeshi immigrants must pack up: Narendra Modi”, dated 22nd September, 2015), must also say now – “Come 2016, Burmese immigrants must pack up”– in Imphal whenever he comes to Imphal from now onwards.  Can this Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has never ever repeated his own statement “Come May 16, Bangladeshi immigrants must pack up” after May 16, 2014, can ever say “Burmese immigrants must pack up from Manipur now”?

PM Modi’s political interests in bringing BJP in Manipur by his deliberate silence, maintaining a stoic silence to the ongoing Manipur’s ILP public movement, so that there would be further more polarisation in Manipur before 2017 assembly election and such polarisation, like it has helped BJP in coming to powers in other states, is also expectedly perceived to be causing BJP to get some seats in Manipur Assembly. PM Modi’s commercial interests in his “Act East” by passing through Imphal without getting Inner Line Permit implemented in Manipur clearly expose that PM Modi and BJP are only interested in the commercial profits which are to be gained from Act East by using Manipur as commercial transit and connecting links but not for the genuine protection and welfare of the indigenous people of Manipur.

PM Modi has time to invite the Chief Ministers of politically influencing, in terms of the numbers of MPs in Parliament, big states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, but he has no time even to give appointment to the repeated requests from not only the Chief Minister of Manipur but also from the all political parties of Manipur on Inner Line Permit in Manipur. Does not it reflect that the Prime Minister has no respect for the Chief Minister of Manipur? Does not it suggest that the Prime Minister has no honour for the people of Manipur who are heavily disturbed by the silence of the Prime Minister towards Manipur’s ILP?

If such Prime Minister has no time even for a state Chief Minister and the Chief Minister has to wait for days and weeks, and if possible, months, then that clearly shows the genuine and true neglect of the Prime Minister towards the people of Manipur. What would a common man or woman from Manipur expect, when he or she wants to meet the Prime Minister of India, if the Prime Minister himself keeps the state Chief Minister waiting for weeks and months?

If the Prime Minister thinks that BJP can come to power in Manipur in 2017 by getting the entire 20 MLAs, whose seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribe, in the form of the support from non-Congress parties, then to get 31 seats out of the total 60 seats in Manipur Assembly to form the non-Congress or BJP led or NDA or NEDA government in Manipur, Modi needs another 11 seats from Manipur valley. Can Modi garner 11 seats from Manipur valley in favour of either BJP or NDA (National Democratic Alliance) or NEDA (North East Democratic Alliance)? Can Modi ever talk of replacing the present Congress government if Modi fails to convert the Manipur’s 3 bills into act and implement ILP in Manipur?

If BJP is going to claim that – “if BJP or NDA comes to power in Manipur in 2017, then within a month, Manipur’s Inner Line Permit will be implemented”, then it will be akin to again reiterating the same old rhetoric of Narendra Modi’s line “Come May 16, Bangladeshi immigrants must pack up” which has led to a complete empty slogan and lies in removing Bangladeshi immigrants from Assam or the North East India, even till today.

By not either inviting the Chief Minister of Manipur on ILP or PM Modi’s visit to Imphal to meet the people of Manipur for Manipur’s Inner Line Permit, Modi – who said “India will not forget you or turn away” (as reported in “At Afghan dam inauguration, PM promises: India will not forget you” of The Indian Express, dated 5th June, 2016) to the people of Afghanistan yesterday – has no time for the people of Manipur and he has failed to prove “India will not forget you or turn away” to the people of Manipur. Has the Prime Minister proved himself as the Leader of India excluding the people of Manipur? Is the Prime Minister an inclusive Prime Minister who not only has time for foreign countries or bigger states like Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra but also for the smaller state like Manipur and its people?

What or who has stopped the Prime Minister of India to invite the Chief Minister of Manipur to discuss about the issues of Manipur’s Inner Line Permit in New Delhi? Has, according to the Prime Minister’s stoic silence, it been proved that “India has forgotten and turned away from Manipur”?

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  1. forget about central govt where is our own meinya where is abdul salam ? where are the manipur mps and mlas cm went for a holiday he didnt seek appointment so far till date than whom should we blame. ema epa phatraga sagei natei tainabei wani. amabu oiro amabu oiro congress govt haujik pallibashe sathina yadre.adubu paisana leiba yaba lamni wa ngangbagi kannade wa mangei. masana masa yonba kandadi nongmadugi haraubana hayeng kauwi. ei ngashi faoba paisa piraga vote thadadri . ei apangba adum tai. sini manipur.

  2. Jon Samuel, who the hell are you to nuke us? You think we will bow down to traitors like you ? Get your ass out of this page you shameless pariah

  3. Still no member of parliament from Manipur do not speak about Manipur situation ,in parliament. I hate it that politics they think only their benefit …

  4. Drought and water scarcity is a natural disaster affecting millions of lives whereas Manipur’s problem is a self inflicted one without any clear cut solution. Who is hurting you? You yourself. If i were the PM I would have nuked Manipur long ago.

    • Better to be a migratory bird without a nest than to be a venomous snake trying to subjugate and bury your posionous fang on every monority around you. Have some self respect!

    • Jon Samuel (whatever your surname or community is)… Nuclear weapons can’t be used against any popular movement ) if we you are a son of the land, you wouldnt dare nuke your own land and its people. Nazism reincarnate, mind your abhorable tongue about nuking your own land and it’s inhabitants. Best option for you is to shut your traps. Dear fellow Manipuris, nuking means using nuclear weapons against us. Let’s let Jon Samuel know that he is liable to be prosecuted on humanitarian grounds for using such threatening words.

    • Mind your own business and stop playing with our sentiments. You could pay unimaginable cost for such a cheap and thoughtless comment. Go and play with your children.

    • Binod Changamcha Khuman Kudos to you for taking my figure of speech literally. You Sir are the indictment and the very reason for the sorry state our beloved manipur has fallen into which is irreversible disintegration. I dont generalise and neither should you but as its alrrady clearly evident that you are a hardcore ILPS and the ST movement supporter what is it with meiteis like you that you want to harm and eat into tribal people’s land and now quota, the one things that you have mocked us for, for ages? Being the majority community of the state dont you at least for once feel morally obligated to not be so selfish n narrow minded over every issue when you very damn well know that there are tribals in the hills who have never even see a television? You should know that there are people like me who just wants a peaceful Manipur and nothing else. And no I dont give a flying fuck about CorCom or NSCN or KNO or UPF. I just want a Manipur without bandh, strike, curfew, JACs, etc. You want Kangleipak but I want a peaceful Manipur and that is the differenc between you and me. I know many meitei intellects share this neutral view too but they are in the minority…too less to make a difference, sadly. Being the majority community you have to act likewise..

    • Glad to know that…my way of thinking bro…but what bothered me was your comment about nuking (nondescript to most ). As a like minded citizen, I do agree with you. The need of the hour is how to bring peace and tranquility to our land irrespective of whether one is Valley or Hill dweller. our cherished dream(?) is a Manipur sans communal division, so that our children (our future) enjoy democracy at par with the rest of the free nations of the planet. please inbox me.

  5. It was to happen and it has been happening like this only. We have been ignoring this way again and again. This is the main reason why mainland Indians treat us like third class cheap aliens. The voice of Manipur is so weak and low that it never reaches their ears. Whom to blame for this??? It’s our so called representatives to be blamed. What are those MPs doing in the Parliament house??? Were they elected only to occupy their seat and enjoy the show (parliamentary proceedings)??? They are meant for relaying our voices to the concerned ears. It is the weakness of our Govt and MPs who fail again and again to leave a permanent mark of our state in the diary of the nation’s parliament. Its a shame that we elected such a mum n mute representatives.

  6. yes we will surely win.we are a citizen of india n if they said we are refugee then sure time will come for them also.

  7. If they’re not ready to negotiate with us than all the allocation will blocked in imphal this is for sure , if they goes beyond their level of such cowardness exorbitants activities let’s c

  8. Later they will say we r refugees , Lol
    Seem they’re taking advantage on us coz we always stayed quiet & calm .
    This time i bet to all there will be huge consequence to those ppl who r against 3 bills

  9. Later they will claim langol , Naga river , those inhabited areas of tribals in imphal will belongs to tribals not Manipuris, joker

  10. There was foreigners issue in the entire north east since the last 1980s. Some of the inhabitant of manipur might have forgotten.

    • ILP issue is not about foreingners nepali , bangladeshi ,Burmese working and living in Manipur, its about another indian citizen RIGHTS to work and live in any parts of the country.

  11. Why so much concern about drought when Manipur is gtn massive effect in present scenario since from many yrs even student were sacrifice their life for ilp issues , why he still quiet? It’s their duty to maintains, peace ,harmony in my state or else IS he waiting for more blood , i still doubted. we won’t stay calm untill & unless we turn those 3 bills into act this is for sure .

    • Very true but it’s time to change the way of agitation we must take some action agianst central gov’t as well as state gov’t if not the issue would just fly away like dust

  12. modi sab jante he.wo budhiman he.par iski bare meto hum naraj he.usne ilp ki bareme sochkar kamme badalni chahiye.

  13. Modi Modi yam pamdaine nscn im gi South nagaland su pikhrani madi mapuk yam fabanina Kuki gisu kukiland, Modi waves

  14. your concept is wrong .we are saying the truth.rectify it if you can.shameless is you or us.we are demanding our right.

  15. Charity begins at home… why should they undertake global issues when their home is burning? Pompous illiterate politicians or #DOGS to be precise

  16. haha.we also have the power.lets discuss as a whole n take appropriate action.i think pm is going for 5 nation tour now.

    • Who are you Nikhil Dawar? What’s your interest in Manipur? Please refrain yourself instead of adding fuel to the fire

    • But you are poking your nose where it’s not called for. Your comments are those of a reptile. Be off…we don’t need your unsolicited comments

    • Enough of your blasphemy…. your presence on this page is completely uncalled. Go back to where you came from and speak as much as you desire. But here, oh no traitor.

  17. its wrong why they dint look to this critical situation.our state is in burning condition.for drought pm called their respective cm.And in manipur burning vigorously. pm should consider this case as head of this country.whats the different between other state and manipur.we are part of india.kindly lay down the statement why the central govt . doesn’t want to pass the bill.why the central govt. do such injustice act.favouring other state n supressing manipur.we want clear explanation of this fact.

  18. Manipur doesn’t figure in Modis mind….and those jokers who went to meet him are scared stiff of facing him… no ILPS FOR MANIPUR… BJP activists and Modi worshippers, wake up….We are never treated at par with the mainlanders…we don’t even measure up to to the most lawless state Bihar… where do we go from here?


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