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Shumang Lila the school of traditional knowledge via 9th Shumang Lila Ningtham Fest.


Altogether 13 groups including 3 new groups contested in the 9th Shumang Leela Ningtham Kumhei 2012 which was organized by Manipur State Shumang Leela Council at Iboyaima Shumang  Leela Shanglen, Palace Compound, Imphal East

Earlier Manipur State Shumang Leela Council do not conduct any competition and this is the first time the council is conducting competition for the plays.  Eight annual festivals have passed and the ninth one this time also experienced the historical and traditional story based plays.

Ee Mari of Sanaleipak Nachom Artistes won the best production play of the 9th Shumang Leela Ningtham Kumhei 2012.

The unavoidable relationship between man and nature is shown in the play. Written by Maipaksana Haorongbam and directed by eminent artist Oinam Profulochandra the play has mythological significance as transformation of human character to Sangai, the unique Brow Antlered Deer and indigenous tree Uningthou is depicted in the film.  

Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Comedian awards were also conferred to artists of the same group Sanaleipak Nachom Artistes who acted for Ee Mari.

Lists of individual winners from Ee Mariare:-

Y. Nilachandra – Best actor award for his role Putangkoi (son of Luwang Ningthou Punsiba    who was transformed to Sangai).

K.Somorjit – Best actress award for his role Lairoulembi (wife of Putangkoi).

L. Tomba – Best supporting actor for his role Luwang Ningthou Punshiba (father of Putangkoi).

H. Tompok – Best supporting actress for his role Laimal (wife of Putangkoi’s brother Yoimayai)

Shougrakpam Hemanta – Best comedian award for his role Chabonjao (follower of khaba Ningthou). 

“ Nungshiba Mapum Puwari Machet” of Sangai Artistes Association won the 2nd best production play . This play is written by Imo Heisnamba and directed by Wareppa Naba.

Lists of individual winners from Nungshiba Mapum Puwari Machet:-

Wareppa Naba – Best Director.

Sapam Anthony – Best Female playback singer.

The writer of the play Nungshibageedamak of Naharol Khongthang Artistes Association Mani Yumnam won the best script award. Hawaibam Budhi from the same group take away the best male playback singer award, the group also clinched best discipline award.

Tomthin Artistes Association won the best music award for their play Nasunglangi. Suren Singkakngamba of Lamjingba Artistes Association won the best Lyrics award for the song Pari Nawa Chaodriba.

Special jury Mention Awards were conferred to:-

Hoby Sapam of Poklenpokpa Artistes Association for his role Nungthil Leima in Khullakpa.

Thoubal Sarju of Kamakhya Sangeet Mandal for his role Thaba in Eikhoi Amattani

P. Bena of Chumthang Creative Artistes who played the role of Tampha Wangamlon in Tampha Wangamlon.

Women Shumang Lila Group in Manipur

It can be noted that in Manipur there are many women artistes who formed their own Shumang Lila groups. At Present they exhibit on rare occasion like Lai Haraoba’ at particular places including Moirang Thangjing. Most of their plays are historical and traditional types.

One way of learning the tradition of Manipur is through folk songs. With the knowledge of tradition or culture or history of a society one can adapt well in the society. Due to ignorance of traditional knowledge most of the youth of Manipur seems separated from the social bindings which is not a good symptom. For treatment of these symptoms, easy availability of tradition knowledge is very must important.


Furnishing traditional stories through Shumang Leela is an importance way of transferring knowledge to youngsters and elderly people as it is one of the most popular entertainment media in Manipur.  If more plays are produced in future, one day every youth would gain full traditional knowledge. It is everyone’s wish that the Manipur State Shumang Leela Council produce more traditional play for youth of Manipur.

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