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Trekking along Dzuko Valley – VI


We felt energetic and our path was clearer from the sunlight beams. The green curves of mountain covered with dew drops from the midnight freeze for a fresh day start in the silent valley was an amazing view as we step out of the Valley.

Students from Nagaland Science College in good number were trekking up as we bid them bye with warm wishes. I have not seen a face frowning in the whole stay if I would recall. We stop by at a point just above the stone steps.

Well our breakfast was quite a light food and we walk swiftly. Yet we have to scale down for   few more hours to reach the Vishwema gateway. Chocolate is a good energy booster. We filled our water bottles from the running pipes of stream.

We sighted an eagle flying above the thick green forest just below our rest point. The eagle makes a circle and flew inside the thick green forest. The glide was an aesthetic view, earlier we use to watch them fly from below now it’s the reverse as we see him fly below us and it seems we were watching the same object the Eagle focus with its sharp bi focal lens. Telephone network is available at this point and we called up alerting our return and Chak Hapammoh notes.

It took lesser time to get down from trekking up as we have covered the distance in quick time. Bullu our junior who is in college had a distinguish speed in the return journey as he was out of sight even from the mountain corners. The route was not familiar for those who have trekked from Manipur side.  We crossed the stone steps and in about 45 minutes we reach the road way where we have a light moment answering nature’s call and freshening up in the easy room build at the site for the visiting trekkers.

We sighted some people checking the four wheeler vehicle parked at the place where we rest for a while. Perhaps some repairing work was underway. Downhill mode and we step on. Well the forest was deep and misty a green grass median in the middle of the pebbled road. Left to us is the red soiled mighty mountain with green vegetation. On our right side the thick bountiful forest with majestic trees and humming insects stands tall. We can hear our footsteps such is the silence in the deep wood.

Every step you took, every miles you covered you see only trees, the branches, the green leaves the bright sky in between the gaps of leaves and a pathway wide open with corners and a turn yet open to another thick forest.

There were one or two wood mills temporary set up beside the road to cut the chop down trees into desirable shape and sizes for various furniture. The saw was in action but it was manual. The roofing was plastic and the base was a floating wooden foundation.  A pull and push saw where two men hold the ends.

Well I guess one saw mill was mechanising with planer cuts. It’s been almost half an hour downhill on the pebbled roads and we heard an engine from our back. It was the four wheeler vehicle rolling at our back with just the driver and a man in front. We were so lucky to get a lift as one of us raises our hands for a drive. 

Bingo it was just majestic the back space was open and we were having a Safari ride with forest view while we stood up and got relieved. We pick up all our trekkers in the Mahindra Jeep and the driver was a very big hearted man. The view of the vast landscape from the rolling vehicle was majestic.

A big vulture flew just above our forehead. It was so large perhaps a 15 kilogram bird. That was real beauty in action. We sighted some orchids. Well the fun part was, our muscles were not engaged in walking and we have the pleasure to overview the wonderful nature 3 feet above the ground. You see the green mass in the deep slope; you see the stretching road taking the shape of a coiling thread but from a high highway mountain.

We picked up Bullu after half an hour of Jeep ride as he was far ahead of us. When we were about to reach Vishwema we came across banana farm, bean farm, maize farm and we realise there are some staple food plantation in the foothills.

We reach in time thankful to the generous man who takes us all in his vehicle. It was around 11 am and we were about to hire a Tata Sumo when one of our team member requested the generous man to take us till Mao. We gave him some money for helping us and we reach Mao.

Well the road way from Vishwema to Mao was smooth and we felt like we have hugged the civilization as we were far away from human settlement.  After a good lunch we were able to catch a Sumo that will take us till Senapati while some of our team catch a direct bus to Imphal.

It was around 3 O’ Clock we reach Khuyathong Bus Station. The silence from the Dzuko Valley and the hum of the motor inside our travelling vehicles is getting replaced with the horns of the vehicle plying on the road. The engines of the many vehicles plying by in the main road. The congestion in the market, my passenger auto was taking me home.

There was a little silence in our lanes as I reach home. I saw a piece of newspaper and a match box at our gate perhaps my family was waiting for me. It was an answer to my phone call.

I bought 5 kgs of Potato and polythene of Plumb from Mao. Some dry flower for my table. Well it was an awesome experience and I feel so glad to have spent some good time in a wonderland where you felt so carried away in nature’s beauty and calmness. We are indeed lucky to have such a majestic place. Dzuko Valley is as unique as the green mountain and the blue sky with a pink flower.

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